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Our charges for a simple single will are £150 plus VAT, and £250 plus VAT for simple joint wills.

Our charges would increase for complex wills and for Inheritance Tax Advice.

Our charges for a single Codicil, where you require minor amendments to be made to your existing will, are £60.00 - £90.00 plus VAT, and for Codicils of a husband and wife or an unmarried couple are £80.00 - £120.00 plus VAT.


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Powers of Attorney.

Our charges for Lasting Powers of Attorney are £200 plus VAT per document, and Ordinary Powers of Attorney are £125 plus VAT per document.

Probate and Intestacy.

Probate is when you need to deal with bequests in someone's Will. Intestacy means that someone has died without leaving a Will and there are strict rules as to who is allowed to inherit someone's assets.

The amount of our charges will depend on the amount of work completed and the value of the estate that is dealt with. We are always willing to give you an estimate of the likely fees.

As a general rule, when you instruct a Solicitor to deal with someone's estate you should have a list of assets and liabilities. It is useful to know if there is a Will or not and your relationship to the person who has died.

Some times it is possible to deal with small estates without the need for a formal Grant of Representation from the Probate Court, this is usually at the discretion of the Bank or Building Society involved.


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